asiansnotstudying asked: Hey, I am the person who runs the McGill Microaggression Tumblr. I just wanted to tell you that if you wanted to pursue a complaint, I can connect you with some resources at McGill. No pressure of course and the decision if definitely for you to make. I am writing you because many people have contacted me asking me to contact you. As a side note, I am logged in under my other blog's name for some reason but you can send me another message if you want more information. In solidarity.

This happened last year. I was heavily involved in the McGill community. I worked for QM and I was one of the people who kicked off the Trans* Working Group, amongst other things. (I find it hilarious that people are recommending that I go to a group for help that my best friends and I started.) I tried taking action against this professor last year and everyone I contacted said that essentially I could do nothing. I could complain all I wanted but no one was going to be able to change it. You can’t go back and undo being outed to 700 people or the fact that the entire department of psychology is specifically designed to teach students that you and other people like you do not exist.

I have since dropped out of university because of how perfectly clear McGill made it that people like me are not welcome in the world, yet alone their school. Thanks for trying to help, though.

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